About NLJS

Lithuanian Youth Association in Norway (LYAN) is a non-profit youth organization functioning in the Kingdom of Norway, re-established for the third time on 29th of April 2012 after the general meeting ( in 2000 in Bergen, 2006 and 2012 in Oslo).

The main goals which LYAN has been aiming to achieve are to unite and represent young people of Lithuanian origin residing in Norway and to foster Lithuanian traditions. It is important for us to establish connections with other organizations and Lithuanian youth in other Norwegian cities as well as to guarantee continuous internal and external transmission of information and in that way to contribute to a positive formation of Lithuanian image in Norway. Also we are aiming to encourage young people to reach for effective and good quality communication and cooperation.

We invite everyone who is living, studying or working in Norway to become members of LYAN and to participate in its activities directly. Individually we can do a lot, but together we can do much more.

We believe that everyone who has ideas or wants to share his/her good energy and enthusiasm is a priceless part of LYAN. By being active and taking initiative we will be able to enjoy successful events, a lager circle of people who think the same and to create a number of happy memories which we will share not only on national, but also on the international level by having an opportunity to present Lithuanian culture to Norwegian society and our friends from different parts of the world. We are curious and open-minded young people with the immeasurable potential, we want to hear and to be heard, we to see and be seen, to know and be known, to teach and learn.

LYSN is a vital, dynamic organization developing every day, therefore suggestions and comments are very welcome. Let’s encourage each other, get in touch and communicate!

• E-mail: info@nljs.no

• Organization number: 990 103 402

• Our account number: 0539 476 3391