Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania


Information for potential sponsors:

LYAN is a public, non-profit organization, its activity is voluntary and non-paid. Most of the projects are free of charge, income from the paid events’ tickets usually cover expenditures only partially. Therefore LYAN is searching for the funders whose support is necessary for implementing LYAN projects and events.

We are inviting you to become sponsors of LYAN and in this way to contribute to encouragement of this youth assosiation and making name of Lithuania famous.

Being grateful for your support LYAN would commit itself to announce information about your company during the events and in the articles connected with them in Lithuanian press. Also the logo of your company will be printed on flyers, advertised on its webpage (www.nljs.no) and on social networks.

If you would like to become our sponsors write us an e-mail info@nljs.no.

Our account nr: 0539 476 339