I Common part

1. The oficial name of the organization – Norvegijos Lietuvių Jaunimo Sąjunga in Lithuanian, Litauisk Ungdomsforening i Norge in Norwegian and  Lithuanian Youth Association in Norway in English.
2. LYAN is a financially independent, non-political, non-profit, voluntary, independent youth organization.
3. LYAN is a part of The World Lithuanian Youth Association (WLYO).
4. The oficial languages of LYAN are Lithuanian, Norwegian and English.
5. Following shortenings are used in the statute:
5.1 Lithuanian Youth Association in Norway – LYAN
5.2 Lithuanian Community in Norway – LCN
5.3 Members of  Lithuanian Youth Association in Norway – Members
5.4 The Board of Lithuanian Youth Association in Norway – Board
5.5 General gathering of Lithuanian Youth Association in Norway – Gathering
6. LYAN activity is based on the priciples of legitimacy, respect for human rights, democracy, honesty and collegiality.

II Aims

1. To represent active youth of Lithuanian origin residing in Norway.
2. Encourage Lithuanian youth to aim for good quality and effective communication and cooperation.
3. To represent Lithuania in a positive light, to foster Lithuanian language and culture.
4. To contribute to fostering of mutual relationship between Lithuania and Norway.

III Tasks of LYAN

1. To organize and participate in educational, cultural and social projects and implement them.
2. To collect and spread information relevant for youth.
3. By implementing its aims to cooperate with similar Lithuanian and foreign youth organizations, governmental institutions and media.
4. By disseminating information to formulate positive opinion about Lithuania and Lithuanians.

IV Memebers of LYAN

1. A Member is a natural person, living in Norway and considering himself/herself Lithuanian, 16 – 35 years of age, who expressed a wish to become a member of LYAN. Those Members who have fulfiled 35 years are encouraged to become members of LCN.
2. Member has the right:
2.1. to participate in the activities of LYAN and to get information about its activities;
2.2. to elect and be elected into governing institutions of LYAN;
2.3. to participate, propose decisions, vote in the Gathering and participate in the meetings of the Board.
2.4 to ask support for their activities which correspond to the aims of LYAN;
2.5 to refuse membership free-willingly.
3. Members’ duties:
3.1 Member is has to follow the Statute of LYAN and decisions taken by the Board and the Gathering;
3.2. to participate actively implementing the aims of LYAN statute;
3.3. to represent Lithuanian youth residing in Norway in public Norwegian, Lithuanian and other countries’ organizations and institutions.
4. Membership can be cancelled if a Member:
4.1. does not follow the Statute of LYAN or abuse the rights of membership or is acting otherwise against LYAN;
4.2. does not fulfil Member’s duties named in the Statute.
5. LYAN is not responsible for its members behaviour, opinion expressed and the other way round.

V LYAN governing

1. The Gathering is the highest governing body.
2. In the time of the Gathering decisions are taken by the majority of delegates votes, except the exceptions mentioned in the Statute.
3. The Gathering:
3.1. elects the Board from the members of LYAN for one year rule;
3.2. discusses and confirms half a year/yearly activities’ plans;
3.3. listens to, discusses and confirms yearly report of the Board;
3.4. discusses membership cancellation issues;
4. Not more than 1/3 of the Gathering delegates can vote by proxy;
5. Extraordinary Gathering is called if not less than 1/2 of the last ordinary gathering’s participating members require it or if 1/2 of the Board members resign. The Gathering is called not later than 6 weeks after it was required.


1. The Board consists of not less than Chairman, Secretary and Accountant.
2. Outside the Gathering time, solutions and decisions withing their competence area are taken by the Board.
3. The Board takes decisions by the majority of votes of the Board members present.
4. The Board:
4.1. implements the decisions taken during the Gathering;
4.2. represents LYAN;
4.3. elects a Chairman;
4.4.takes care of the management of LYAN budget and its purposeful usage;
4.5.calls the Gathering not less than once a year;
4.6. introduces the decisions of the Gathering and reports of the Board to the Members;
5. The Chairman calls the Board meetings not less than once per two months.
6. Member of the Board can resign, but in that case the Board accepts a new member.
7. In special cases Chairman has the right to authorize another member of the Board as his/her representative.

VII Chairman

1. Chairman is the leader of LYAN, responsible for the activity of the organization.
2. Chairman is elected for one year term of office by the Board. The same person cannot be Chairman more than two terms of office in a row.
3. Chairman:
3.1. after agreement with the Board calls the Gathering and meetings with the Board;
3.2. is responsible for implementation the Gathering’s and the Board’s decisions;
3.3. presents yearly LYAN activity report to the Gathering;
3.4. maintains relationship with other Lithuanian youth associations and organizations;
3.5. together with the accountant who performs accountancy activity, is responsible for proper usage of LYSN budget and presents yearly report.
4. Chairman’s position in the Board can be cancelled by the majority of members’ votes or by 1/5 Members’ initiative for inability to perform his/her functions.

VIII LYAN’s budget

1. LYAN’s budget consists of:
1.1. voluntary contributions of the Members;
1.2. means donated by persons or other organizations for implementations of the programmes;
1.3. income from the events organized by LYAN;
1.4. other legal income.
2. The budget is used to perform the activities mentioned in the statute.

IX Statute amendments and additions 

1. The statute is changed by not less than by 2/3 delegates’ who participate in the Gathering majority of votes.
2. The change of the statute can be proposed in written form by the Member who have gathered not less than 10 signatures of other Members.
3. Changes of the statute are valid after the Gathering confirms them.

X Liquidation

1. LYAN can be abolished by the decision of the Gathering by majority of 2/3 delegates’ votes.
2. All property and funds are given over to WLYO.

The statute is taken and confirmed in the Overall meeting og Lithuanian youth in Norway on 29th of April 2012, in Oslo.